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Some icons I have created.. feel free to use whatever icon[s] you'd like. I don't even require that you credit me, but a link back or mention would be nice. It'd be neat if you'd let me know if you use any of them, as well [I'd be tickled pink!]. Enjoy!

All images are either from a Google search [ie. other websites] or scanned in from magazines. Ownership of these images belong to their respective owners. If you see an image of yours and would like me to remove it, feel free to contact me. All lyrics [including the sometimes illegible small print] belong to Nine Inch Nails.

car crash/nin icon knew better/darken version/nin icon knew better/lighten version/nin icon knew better/multiply versin/nin icon knew better/overlay version/nin icon the warning/nin icon please/nin icon
exquisite red/nin icon cold and grey/nin icon limitless potential/nin icon where is everybody/nin icon violent heart/nin icon still and at peace/nin icon just like you imagined/nin icon
not used to this/nin icon through my veins/nin icon fragile/nin icon the perfect drug/nin icon finally/nin icon thebecoming/nin icon march of the pigs/nin icon
mr. self destruct/nin icon down in it/nin icon ripe with decay/nin icon all the flesh, all the sin/nin icon